All Mercedes-Benz parts play an important role underneath your vehicle’s hood, but the transmission serves an especially integral one. Not all drivers know about the importance of maintaining their vehicle’s transmission, so if you relate then this is the guide for you. Let’s walk through the role of your vehicle’s transmission, and how you can go about maintaining it.

Purpose of the Transmission

Your transmission serves as the bridge between the engine and the wheels by distributing torque to the axles. The importance of this task cannot be understated. You won’t get far without your transmission converting the power generated by the engine into forward movement, so maintaining your transmission should be a top priority.

Transmission Service Tasks

The primary task when caring for your vehicle’s transmission is maintaining an adequate amount of transmission fluid in the transmission reservoir. Transmission fluid is required for the hydraulics that operates the inner workings of the transmission, similar to your brakes. You need to ensure your vehicle has an adequate supply, and that the fluid is not past its prime to certify your transmission is in good working order.

Signs of a Faulty Transmission

Something you will notice is your vehicle struggling to shift between gears. This will manifest as a jerky, rough driving experience, and may be complimented by the distinct smell of transmission fluid. Another symptom of transmission trouble is a strange noise while your vehicle is in neutral. Should these problems develop, you may experience shaking or a burning smell, indicating your vehicle is unsafe to drive and needs to be looked at by a certified technician.

Maintain Your Transmission at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park

Ensure your transmission is in good working order by bringing your vehicle to the Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park service center today. If you’ve noticed any transmission issues, schedule an appointment as soon as you can — the last thing you want is a breakdown while you’re going about your day!