If you are concerned about exploring the Mercedes-Benz financing process for the first time, you’re certainly not alone. Financing any vehicle can be a challenge, but when armed with the know-how to tackle the process it can become quite trivial. This one is for all our first-time buyers out there — here is how to navigate the Mercedes-Benz financing process.

Gather Your Documents

When applying for financing, drivers will need to provide their lender with proof of identity and income. Documents that can be used include your driver’s license, social security card, past paystubs, and bank statements. It’s always a good idea to compile these documents before initiating financing, as it will streamline the entire process on both the part of the applicant and lender.

Apply for Financing

Once your documents are in order, it’s time to apply. Fill out our online financing application if you’re financing with us or submit your application to your third-party lender. Applicants will see why we suggest getting your documents in order, as the application will be asking for some very specific details. Once complete, double-check everything before hitting submit.

Sign Your Loan Offer

After your application is received, a finance officer will be in contact shortly to discuss options for moving forward. Once approved, a loan offer will be provided for you to review and sign. Sign it to make it official and the keys to your brand-new vehicle are yours!

Visit Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park for More

Now that you know how to secure your next ride, why not stop by Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park to check out the available selection of vehicles? Secure your pre-approval and visit us — you may just find your dream ride!