If you’re in the market for some new Mercedes-Benz parts, then this guide is for you. The first decision drivers have to make is the choice between using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket components. Let’s take a look at why OEM parts will always come out on top of aftermarket components.

Better Fit

Aftermarket vehicle components are oftentimes manufactured with the idea they will be used in several different vehicle models. OEM components, on the other hand, are manufactured with only one vehicle in mind. This usually results in components that fit better within the engine, which can make for a better overall driving experience.  

Manufacturer Guarantee

When drivers purchase OEM components, they come with a manufacturer warranty to protect them from further issues. These OEM warranties protect against any component failures during their first year on the road, assuring drivers that any issues that should arise will be covered.

Easier Pick

The parts-ordering process can be complicated enough without having to determine whether an aftermarket is an appropriate replacement. As mentioned above, aftermarket components are often made to be used in several different vehicle models which can make figuring out which part to order quite difficult. OEM parts are only made for one vehicle model, making the process of determining which part to order a breeze.

Trust Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park for OEM Parts

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