With winter around the corner, it’s time to take steps to protect your vehicle from the coming harsh weather. Certain Mercedes-Benz service tasks should be performed on your vehicle to prevent the snow, ice, and salt from causing any issues during the holiday season. If you’re not sure where to begin, then this guide is for you. Here are three suggested winter-proofing service tasks to protect your Mercedes-Benz vehicle this winter.

Check Your Tires

Snow and ice will be difficult for your vehicle to traverse with worn-down tire treads. Ensuring that your vehicle’s tires have adequate traction with slippery roads will vastly improve your driving experience during the winter months, so be sure to replace worn tires before the cold sets in.

Test Your Battery

Drivers certainly won’t get far with a dead battery, and the winter months can make this occurrence more serious than just a simple inconvenience. A simple battery test at your local service center can ensure that your car battery is operating properly before the cold sets in. The winter months can take a particular toll on car batteries, so be sure to get a faulty battery replaced before it leaves you stranded.  

Refill Your Fluids

Important systems like your vehicle’s power steering, brakes, and transmission all require their own respective fluids to properly operate. Not only do drivers need to ensure there are adequate amounts of each in their respective reservoirs, but they also need to ensure that each fluid is freeze-protected so they aren’t affected by the cold.

Could your vehicle require any of the services mentioned above? Schedule a visit to the Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park service center online today. Even though we get to enjoy milder winter months here in Jacksonville, FL, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take steps to protect the vehicles we depend on!