Drivers may think that Mercedes-Benz financial services are limited to financing new vehicles, but this could not be further from the truth. We here at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park want all of our patrons to drive the vehicle they want without breaking the budget. If you’re looking for that Mercedes-Benz driving experience but don’t want to pay new vehicle prices, here is how you should go about financing a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

Select Your Vehicle

First comes the fun part. Selecting the perfect vehicle may make buyers feel like a kid in a candy store, but it is a very important decision to be made. Consider what you hope to gain out of your vehicle, whether it be hauling capacity, technical gadgets, or driver-assistance features. Be sure to inspect all available options, and most importantly keep an open mind while comparing candidates.

Collect Documentation

Once drivers have selected their pre-owned vehicle, the hurdle of financing comes next. Financing a vehicle can be a complicated process, so it is recommended that buyers take the time to assemble the documentation that will be required of them. This documentation includes your driver’s license and social security information as well as financial statements like pay stubs and credit reports. Our friendly professionals will be happy to walk you through this process.

Submit Your Application

Once you’ve assembled your documentation, it’s time to fill out and submit your finance application. Answer all questions truthfully and with as much detail as you can provide. Once finished, be sure to check it over once more for accuracy before submitting it. Once submitted, a member of the Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park financial department will reach out to finalize the process.

Once your application is approved, then all you need to do is sign the paperwork. Once that is done, your new vehicle is all yours. Now that you know how the process goes, start shopping today here at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park!