The Mercedes-Benz repair process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. When you come down to Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park, you’ll have the support of an expert service and repair team who is dedicated to giving your vehicle the care it deserves.

Today, we’re sharing some essential information on common vehicle repairs so you can recognize when it’s time to bring in your vehicle for maintenance.   

Common Mercedes-Benz Repairs  

Our vehicles are designed to last, but the more you know about common repair needs, the easier it will be to recognize when your vehicle needs attention. Here are some of the most common Mercedes-Benz repairs we offer at our dealership:   

  • Suspension upgrades. If you notice that your vehicle feels unsteady or bumpy out on the open road or your tires are wearing down at an uneven rate, it may be time for a suspension upgrade
  • Brake repairs. Brake pads should be replaced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. However, if your vehicle is taking longer than usual to come to a complete stop or you hear grinding or squealing when you brake, you may need new brake pads or a more complex repair.  
  • Steering support. It’s important to always pay attention to your vehicle’s responsiveness when stopping, starting, and steering. If your vehicle is out of alignment, your steering wheel vibrates, or your steering wheel feels loose, schedule a steering wheel inspection at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park.
  • Check engine light management. There are many reasons your check engine light may come on. Occasionally, Mercedes-Benz vehicles need their gas caps tightened, but if that doesn’t solve it, we’ll also check your oil levels, battery health, and more to ensure that we’ve fixed the root problem.  

For more information on Mercedes-Benz service and repairs, schedule an appointment at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park today!