Snow and ice may not be a major problem here in Florida, but winter still does leave its mark on your car’s powertrain. Visit Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park for Mercedes-Benz service to be prepared for everything spring and summer have to throw at you!

Change Your Oil

Regularly changing your oil is an essential part of keeping your car running its best, but it is a messy and difficult job to perform at home. Bring in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle and have our team perform a complete oil change to clean out the dirt and sludge of winter. While you’re here, our team will perform a check-up on all of your fluids and top them up, if necessary.

Get Your Battery Tested

You may have made it through winter without running into a dead battery, but cold weather saps capacity and leaves you with a weaker battery heading into summer. That makes spring a great opportunity to have your battery tested and replaced, if necessary. Batteries also use fluid which needs to be inspected and filled up if dry.

Clean Your Car

From clutter inside to salt and dirt outside, winter tends to make a car messier than ever. Bring your car into a car wash to get the salt, debris, and other contaminants stuck to your external paint washed off. This is about more than just aesthetics: dirt and salt can begin to eat away at your paint if left untreated, leaving you with ugly brown spots.

Get Professional Mercedes-Benz Service in Orange Park, FL

If you want to get on top of your regular maintenance and be prepared for the year ahead, bring your car to our service team at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park. Our team will perform essential maintenance and get you back on the road in no time!