Mercedes-Benz financing can seem like a daunting hurdle to cross before securing your dream vehicle, but we here at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park want to make the process easy for all of our patrons. To prepare you for your visit, here are three frequently asked questions customers commonly have and our answers to them.

Where Can I Find Financing?

Financing can be obtained from any financial institution and most vehicle dealerships. We here at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park pride ourselves on offering flexible in-house financing for drivers looking to cut out the middleman. But should you choose, you can also seek financing from your bank or another institution.

What Can I Do to Increase My Buying Power?

Vehicle financing, like many other financial transactions, relies heavily on the borrower’s credit score. To get the best rates, you should attempt to raise your credit score by paying down balances, establishing a regular payment history, and satisfying any collections accounts. Once completed, you will enjoy lower rates and increased purchasing power during your transaction.

Should I Lease or Finance?

While there is no definitive answer to this question, you may find one option makes more sense than the other. Leasing allows you to drive a vehicle that may otherwise be out of reach, but only financing a vehicle allows you to keep it forever. If you’re looking for a forever vehicle, then financing is the way to go. If not, a lease provides all the benefits of ownership without the long-term responsibilities of ownership.

Visit Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park for More Financing Tips

Now that you’ve got the basics of Mercedes-Benz financing, put your new knowledge to the test here at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park today. We want nothing more than to help you lock down the Mercedes-Benz vehicle you’ve been dreaming of, so visit us today to get started!