Spring is upon us, is your vehicle prepared? A trip to our Mercedes-Benz service center may be in order to ready your vehicle for April showers and May flowers. While you may not be facing down snow and ice, springtime brings its own unique set of challenges that your vehicle needs to be ready to take on. To prepare your vehicle, here are three service tasks you should be sure to accomplish as soon as possible.

Change Your Oil

After the harsh winter months, your vehicle’s oil will have accumulated quite a buildup of dirt and other debris. This buildup makes your oil less effective at lubricating and cleaning your engine, which can lead to engine damage if left unattended. To ensure your vehicle is ready to take on the wet roads of spring you should have your old oil replaced.

Check Your Tires

Driving control will become a great concern as the roads become covered by rainfall. Hydroplaning can be just as dangerous as traversing icy roads and can limit your vehicle’s ability to come to a stop should the situation require it. Inspecting your tires to ensure they can maintain traction on the road could save your life, so this is one task you definitely shouldn’t skip.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

April showers can mean reduced visibility on your drives, so you’ll want to ensure your windshield wipers are capable of adequately clearing the windshield. The dry winter months can cause the rubber blades to crack and break, so replacing them before you get caught in the rain is an absolute must.

Schedule Spring Mercedes-Benz Service in Orange Park, FL

Is your vehicle in need of any of these services? Schedule your visit to the Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park service center online today to get your vehicle ready to take on the coming spring season. All these tasks can be done in a single visit, so be sure to schedule your Mercedes-Benz service appointment today!