Now that we’re in the heart of the sweltering Jacksonville, FL summer, the air conditioning system in your Mercedes-Benz car is more important than ever. The last thing you want on a hot summer day is for the air conditioner to start blowing out hot air; here at our Mercedes-Benz service center, our team of mechanics is happy to make sure that your car’s AC is in top condition.

How Do You Know When You Need AC Service?

Like any other Mercedes-Benz part, the air conditioner needs to be periodically maintained to work effectively. If you’re noticing any of the following signs, your car’s AC needs to be serviced:

  • Your car’s air conditioner blows only slightly cooler than the outside air
  • Your car’s air conditioner blows air that smells like mildew and mold
  • Water condenses or drips on your foot while driving
  • You have low airflow even on the highest setting
  • The A/C only works while driving

Types of AC Service

If our mechanics diagnose your AC with a specific issue, there are a few common types of repairs.

  • Recharging the AC: A simple freon recharge will fix some AC systems that have lost their cooling power.
  • Repair the AC Compressor: The compressor is the part that produces the cool air in your car. Sometimes it fails and needs to be repaired.
  • Repair the AC Condenser: The condenser moves the cooled liquid refrigerant to the receiver/dryer or accumulator. It will sometimes need to be replaced.
  • Repair the AC Evaporator: The evaporator is in charge of cooling air and removing moisture before it is blown into the cabin of your car.

Schedule your Mercedes-Benz AC repair today at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park and keep your luxury vehicle cool all summer long.