The Mercedes-Benz EQS and Mercedes-Benz EQB are only the beginning of the storied brand’s aggressive move into the EV market. However, all of this leaves luxury car buyers with a question: what kind of Mercedes-Benz service will these vehicles need? Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park demystifies this common concern.


Without a gas engine, there’s far less to service. Even components and systems that are similar to those on internal combustion vehicles tend to be simpler, like the one-speed transmission. Rather than frequent service, they will simply need periodic inspection to ensure that they’re operating as intended.


One thing you’ll find in many EVs is the extensive use of liquid coolants, without which the battery pack and certain electrical components would run hot. We’ll check for leaks, bleed the system as needed, and replenish if we see that levels are low.

Battery and Electrical System Check

Unlike the traditional wet-cell battery in a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the battery pack in an EV is a multi-celled lithium-ion battery similar to the one found in your laptop or mobile phone. We’ll check its charge cycles, ensure that battery wear is within acceptable limits, and make suggestions that help you prolong the battery’s service life.

Brake Service

Thanks to regenerative braking, the brakes on Mercedes-Benz EVs will have a longer service life than those in traditional cars and SUVs. However, they will still need occasional calibration, resurfacing, and replacement of old or worn components.

Other Essentials

In a few respects, there are consumable Mercedes-Benz parts in EVs that require the same care as they would in any other vehicle. These include:

  • Wipers and wiper fluid
  • Cabin filters
  • Tires, which require rotation and replacement on schedule
  • Wheel alignment
  • And other tasks, of which we will remind you when the time comes

Mercedes-Benz Service in Jacksonville, FL

EV or not, don’t entrust your Mercedes-Benz vehicle to just anyone. Visit Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park for all your parts and service needs.