Even if you have years of driving experience, there is very little that can prepare you for sudden hazards on the road. The more you know about common road hazards and how to deal with them, the safer you and your passengers will be every time you get behind the wheel of your Mercedes-Benz GLE. The best thing to do is remain alert at all times and keep some of these easy tips in mind that we have put together from your friends at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park:

Work Zones – There are many times when road work is being done that will change the road patterns you are used to, such as increased traffic and various equipment in the area. You need to keep your speeds low, remain mindful of the workers in the zone, and always be prepared to stop.

Large Trucks – It’s important to remember that you may get lost in the blind spot of larger trucks in your new Mercedes-Benz. Staying out of these blind spots in the rear and sides while staying at a safe distance from larger trucks will help minimize the chances of a dangerous situation.

Cyclists – The chances are that you see cyclists on the road fairly often, and you need to remember that they have roadway rights just like you do. Always give them plenty of room if you are behind them or carefully passing, and remain mindful if you are near public parks and residential neighborhoods.

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