Are you looking to buy a new vehicle? Here at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park, we sell a vast range of new Mercedes-Benz cars for sale. One often overlooked factor when deciding on a vehicle is the engine type. Most drivers tend to focus on other specs like miles per gallon, towing capacity, and the likes thereof. Despite this, the engine type affects these factors, making it an integral part of the vehicle selection process. Most drivers don’t really know the difference in types of engines, but our staff is here to help!


A gas engine is often considered to be the standard option for vehicles, and is regarded as the “traditional” engine. It uses gasoline for power, making it a perfect option for drivers who are concerned about overall vehicle performance and handling.



An electric engine is perhaps the least common type of car engines currently. This is a great option for drivers who are looking to cut down on their emissions, as no gas is needed to power the vehicle; it is solely run on electricity via charging.


A hybrid is a bit like the best of both worlds, since it combines the benefits of both a gas and an electric engine. It is fuel efficient and low on emissions, making it perfect for everyday drivers who want the reliability of gas stations, but also want to cut down on emissions.


A diesel engine is quite similar to a gas powertrain for the most part, except for the ignition cycle. Diesel does, however, naturally have more energy than gas. For that reason, diesel engines tend to be a more fuel efficient option for drivers.

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