We know that buying a car is a big commitment and investment, which is why the staff here at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park recommends leasing a vehicle as an alternative. There are many positives to leasing, and we are more than happy to assist with any inquiries you have.

One of the most important things is to remember when exactly your lease comes to an end. Though we’re sure you’ve enjoyed driving around St. Augustine, FL in your new Mercedes-Benz car, eventually you have to bring it back to our Florida luxury car dealership. At the end of your lease term, there are a few things to keep in mind.

In order to facilitate the speed of the return process, we recommend you have your vehicle detailed and cleaned before you bring it back to the dealership. You will need to get your vehicle inspected to check for wear and tear, mileage, and more.

During the inspection, we will assess for problems and damages. It will include an itemized list of all damages and the estimated cost. At this point, you can take it upon yourself to have the damages fixed and then return the vehicle, or you can pay the dealership to amend the issues.

Once you’ve returned your leased vehicle, you have the option of leasing another model or buying a new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz car. You also have the option to simply turn in your keys and walk away if you decide to go in a different direction.

Whatever option you choose, the folks in our finance department at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park are happy to help answer any of your questions. Visit us today!