As summer comes to a close, many drivers are considering starting fall off with a new vehicle. This time of transition is a great opportunity to assess your vehicle’s current state and decide whether or not it’s time for an upgrade. The staff here at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park is prepared to help you with every step of the car buying process.

The first step is definitely the most important, but it’s often overlooked. One of the first things our staff does before helping a customer buy a new Mercedes-Benz car is debunk some common car buying myths.

One common myth is that you should buy a car on a rainy day. This stems from the belief that there will be less people viewing cars on lots, so you’ll have a better chance at getting an offer on your vehicle. This is not true, as many dealerships claim that they’re even busier on rainy days. What’s more, our dealership is open rain or shine in Jacksonville. Visit our website to see more about our Florida Mercedes-Benz dealership hours of operation.

Another common car buying myth that is quite similar to the aforementioned one is that you should buy right before closing time at the dealership. This is essentially the same belief as before in that buyers think the sales staff will be so anxious to go home that they’ll get a better special. That’s definitely not the case, since our representatives are so committed to their jobs that they’re willing to stay past closing time to help our customers.

Additionally, our staff always wants you to get a great offer, whether or not it’s closing time. So that means we are prepared to sit and discuss financing and leasing options, credit, loans, or interest rates to help you get your dream vehicle.

To learn more about the car buying myths you should be ignoring, visit or call Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park today!