Here at Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park, we know that in-car technology is becoming increasingly important to our customers. You don’t just want smartphone integration or the newest stereo system. You want technology that makes driving safer and your life easier. That’s why so many Mercedes-Benz cars come equipped with the latest in parking technology. If you used to have trouble with parallel parking, consider that a thing of the past.

One feature you’ll find on many of our models is a rearview camera. This system can give you a better look at the world around you and digital guidelines can make it easier to maneuver into a tight spot. Plus, this camera can even help you stay safe as you back out of a parking spot or driveway by showing you vehicles and other obstacles that you may have missed.

Another useful feature is Active Parking Assist. With this technology, your Mercedes-Benz car can practically park itself. Models equipped with this feature can use advanced sensors to automatically size up parallel parking spots to determine if you can fit in. If the spot is big enough, your vehicle will take care of the steering for you. Just control the brakes and gear selection when needed. Park perfectly every time.

One model that offers our latest parking tech is the 2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S 550. This impressive luxury vehicle is available as a sedan or cabriolet, but either option offers an incredible driving experience, the newest safety innovations, and the latest in-car technology. Other features include heated front seats, a navigation system, and wireless technology.

So when you need a car that’s so technologically advanced that it can park itself, visit our Mercedes-Benz dealership in Florida. We’ll make it easy to find the new or pre-owned luxury vehicle of your dreams. We can’t wait to meet you!